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Baslyne utilizes the most advanced medical technology (EEG) to help professionals in  Medical Clinics, Veterans, First Responders, Athletic Trainers, and others to gather objective “real-time” information on brain performance.  Regular objective measurements of Brain Health have largely been elusive to most people. In many cases, access to services and technology to measure brain performance has been inconvenient and cost-prohibitive if available at all.

Baslyne is changing this paradigm by making a portable FDA-cleared medical device accessible to the general public at a low cost.  The device is a qEEG with P300 and produces objective data used by the medical community for over 30 years. The key to managing and monitoring your brain performance is to measure it over time to identify changes in your brain’s performance including cognition. This applies to brain performance changes as you age and as well as after a head injury. 

EEG-related technologies can provide a complementary view of brain function alongside standard screenings and assessments measuring behavioral health brain physiology. EEG studies have found a link between hemispheric asymmetry in frontal regions of the cortex and many behavioral and mental health symptoms, including ADHD, anxiety, depression, and PTSD. Many measurements (P300 latencies, P300 amplitudes, reaction times, frequency states, coherence) correlated significantly with important preventative care and heart-function markers.

  • P300 amplitude and speed are correlated with selective attention.

  • Frontal asymmetries are correlated with depression and anxiety.

  • Central frequency states are correlated with cortical stimulation and attention disorders.

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Better, objective screening tools are needed for personal health and wellness. EEG technology gives doctors a more accurate picture of a patient’s brain health and is positioned to be one of the most robust and comprehensive sources for brain health analysis in the world.

Collaboration with administration and professionals to build concussion protocol standards and provide an objective measurement of brain physiology to help in their return-to-play decisions and included as common practice in annual sports physicals. Focus on both improving mental function and preventing a premature mental decline through longitudinal data advances and better brain wellness screening tools can be developed and included as common practice in annual health physicals. 


This growing body of research suggests that EEG-related technologies can provide a complementary view to brain function alongside standard screenings and assessments. Baslyne provides a simple, data-driven approach to objective brain assessment that allows one to see brain physiology and views of brain activity previously unavailable in standard protocols, aiming to reduce the long-term danger from brain injuries and create a better future for people of all ages.


Host a Baslyne brain scan event for your group starting at $75/scan

50 scan minimum


8 hr

Various Locations

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